QUILL is Offering Free Organizational Needs Assessments Until March 2024

What is an Organizational Needs Assessment (ONA)?

An ONA explores the training needs of a business. It is not an assessment of individual employees. Instead, this process focuses on current training processes, future training needs, and potential gaps that may be impacting overall efficiency or productivity. It is an opportunity to discuss what is working well and where there may be opportunities for additional training now or in the future.

ONAs are fluid, responsive processes that allow company leaders – including managers, supervisors, owners, human resources coordinators, and training officers – to discuss how they conduct training, how they measure the impact of training, and where they would like to see training improved or adjusted. The ONA process is conducted quickly and flexibly in consultation with each business in order to address their specific needs and expectations.

Why are ONAs being conducted in our area?

QUILL Learning Network is offering ONAs as part of the Skills for Success initiative that is funded by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (MLITSD). The primary purpose is to help businesses identify training needs and, where possible, connect them with local providers who can offer relevant workplace training.

How is information from ONAs being used?

An ONA provides businesses with clear, comprehensive assessments of their training processes and training needs. The final report can help with strategic planning as well as future training design and delivery. An ONA can also provide valuable feedback for stakeholders such Boards of Directors who may not always be aware of current training challenges or future needs.

QUILL provides regular feedback to MLITSD concerning the unique training needs and ongoing challenges faced by rural businesses. Information gathered through ONAs is consolidated and anonymized into final reports. These reports will help inform the development of future workplace training programs in rural communities.

Here is a summary of work that was completed during the pilot phase of this project.

How does this relate to the labour market and our current staffing shortages?

The chronically low unemployment rate in our region has resulted in an ongoing shortage of qualified staff for many businesses. Understanding how targeted training can most effectively upskill staff can help ensure that all employees have the skills they need for success.

How does this relate to succession planning?

For some organizations, it can be helpful to catalogue anticipated training needs related to predicted vacancies. For example, if an organization is aware of upcoming retirements or business expansion opportunities, they may be identifying training needs for employees who could be promoted to leadership roles in the future.

Is this relevant to businesses in different industries? What about small businesses? What about non-profit organizations?

This tool can be used by anyone in any industry, regardless of business size. An ONA can be a first step towards identifying what training is needed to meet the unique demands of your business.

How can I participate?

A free assessment of training needs is available to any business in Bruce, Grey, Huron, Perth, or South Georgian Bay until March 2024. For more information, please contact projectmanager.quill@gmail.com or execdir@quillnetwork.ca.

Workplace Training Needs Assessment

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