Write On! Clear Writing

Clear Writing is about the way you communicate in writing. It’s about the language you use, the format of your document, and the design of your document. It says what you mean, simply and clearly.

The purpose of Clear Writing is to speak to your audience. It considers the people who will be reading your document – including their time, skills, and previous knowledge. Clear Writing helps us get the information across quickly and efficiently.
Write On! Clear Writing
Think about your:

  • Websites
  • Letters
  • Forms
  • Emails
  • Marketing materials

Can you afford to miss half of your target audience because your message is too complicated or poorly designed? QUILL can help.

QUILL’s Clear Writing services include:

  • Document Review/Revision
  • Information Sessions
  • Clear Writing Workshops, Tips and Strategies

For more information or to book a Clear Writing Service, please email execdir@quillnetwork.ca or call 519-881-4655.

“With the content from the QUILL workshop, we simplified the format and reading level of our  letters, questionnaires and handouts which has  helped us to communicate clearly with the families that we serve.”

Integrated Preschool Speech and Language Services, Grey Bruce Health Services

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